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We’ve collated some journals, articles and information around Autogenics and its benefits below. 

Effects of Autogenic and Imagery Training on the Shooting Performance in Biathlon. 
Written By

A. Groslambert & R. CandauFaculty & F. Grappe & B. Dugue & J. D. Rouillon

Effect of Autogenic Training on General Improvement in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled...
Written By

Michiko Kano, Yaka Endo, Naoki Nakaya, Michio Hongo

Long-term Evaluation of the affectiveness of the additional autogenic training in psychotherapy of depressive disorders
Written By

Günter Krampen

Spectral Analysis of the Central Nervous System Effects of the Relaxation Response Elicited by Autogenic Training
Written By
Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs PhD & Joel. F. Lubar PhD
The therapeutic use of the relaxation response in stress-related diseases.
Written By
Tobias Esch & Gregory L. Fricchione & George B. Stefano
Perceived changes associated with autogenic training for anxiety: A grounded theory study
Written By
Dr. Ann Bowden
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