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Autogenic Training (AT) is an effective way of tapping into our natural self-righting  processes. We already have in place nature’s internal mechanisms for self-adjustment, and AT helps us to access these as a daily habit.

AT is a simple, safe and drug-free technique, which you learn with a trained autogenic therapist and practise for yourself.


AT engages mind and body in deep relaxation (body)  and repetitive structured meditative ‘exercises’ (mind). This is easily accessible for a few minutes each day.

Many people are in a low-grade stress reaction mode for much of the time, without being aware of it. They are often suffering troubling symptoms: anxiety, sleep disorders, mild depression, fatigue, chronic pain, recurring infections and many more. 

With AT the mind-body system is gently re-educated to allow more appropriate responses to stress, rather than succumb to inappropriate disruptive reactions (fight and flight). 

AT treats the person, not the problem, making it a holistic and empowering skill for life.

All you need is a healthy curiosity as to what AT is about and apply yourself to learn it.

The outcomes depend on what you put into it

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