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Postgraduate Certificate in Autogenic Training (PGCert-AT) – minimum one year part-time

Teach Autogenic Training (AT)  – help people to help themselves. It is often said that:
• Stress lies behind many of the symptoms patients present.
• Drug treatments are not enough on their own to deal with certain problems.
• The most effective treatment is when the patient plays an active role in their healing process.

With your personal experience of AT at the heart of the training, you will learn how to teach AT.

We are pleased to announce our dates for training 2024 – 2025

Our professional training course qualifies you to teach AT in your chosen setting as a Full Member of the British Autogenic Society. The course is open to anyone with previous medical or psychological training, or who has experience/interest in personal development, or has other personal interactive skills. Are you already involved in the helping professions in a paid or volunteer capacity?  As an educator of youth or adults, social worker, carer, teacher?  Perhaps you are working in an allied health profession, for example, as a nutritionist, yoga teacher or similar? Our training is set within the context of the kinds of problems clients typically bring (e.g. anxiety, insomnia, stress related conditions). The application of AT is very broad: it is suitable for any age (over 5) and any setting.

The steps to gaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Autogenic Training.

Step One:
Personal Autogenic Training
 – your own experience of AT (8-10 weekly sessions, 
arranged and paid for privately with any BAS Therapist). 
Before starting the professional training it is best to appreciate fully your personal autogenic journey by practising daily – six months recommended.    

Step Two:
Module 1 – The Practicalities of teaching AT

  • classroom training
  • reading and continuing personal AT practice
  • online tasks
  • test at the third weekend.

 All training days occur on Zoom, 09:30 – 16:00 (GMT)

Introductions: Friday 20 September 1600 – 1900  
Weekend 1: Saturday and Sunday 21 & 22 September 

Weekend 2: Saturday and Sunday 5 & 6 October
Weekend 3: Saturday and Sunday 19 & 20 October
Weekend 4: Saturday and Sunday 16 & 17 November

Module 1 topics covered:

  • philosophy, history and concepts of AT
  • theory (basic principles of AT’s mechanisms)
  • practice and background of each of the six standard AT exercises
  • intentional offloading exercises: rationale and practical teaching
  • basic elements of instructing clients (postures, difficulties, process facilitation).

After module 1, you will gain Associate Membership of the British Autogenic Society and you will start working with your own clients, with individual tutorial supervision. This begins the practical application for your coursework.

Step Three:
Module 2
 – expand theory and group supervision client work

  • classroom training (approx. 4-6 weekly)
  • broad applications of AT
  • reading and continuing personal AT practice
  • online tasks
  • test at the fourth weekend. Final viva interview after 4 months.

Classroom methods may be carried out online and will include discussion (from set pre-reading, and some online tasks), role play when applicable, some short lectures.

All training days occur on Zoom, 09:30 – 16:00 (GMT)

Weekend 1: Saturday-Sunday 11 & 12 January
Weekend 2: Saturday-Sunday 8 & 9 March 
Weekend 3: Saturday-Sunday 10 & 11 May
Weekend 4: Saturday-Sunday 7 & 8 July

Module 2 content includes:

  • Revisiting philosophy, theory and practice teaching of AT
  • Group supervision – student presentations of their client work
  • Revisit basic principles of AT’s mechanisms – modifications of procedure
  • Revisit intentional offloading exercises: rationale and practical teaching
  • Revisit elements of instructing clients (postures, difficulties, process facilitation)
  • Tutorial discussions / role play – specific topics prepared in advance
  • AT and Physical illness
  • Psychopathology; Neurosciences and AT; Audit and research; Group dynamics; Exploring resistance.

This module follows student progress working with their first clients.

Step Four:
Tutorial Supervision – ongoing after Module One

Your personal supervisor (tutor) will help and support your early practice with teaching AT. Twelve compulsory tutorial hours are accounted for in your training (8 of these are individual). The essence of our training is a continuing theme: that Autogenic Training induces a therapeutic process unique to the individual. The student therapist’s task is to learn how to manage this process, by fine-tuning their skills in listening, questioning and balancing issues of procedure (autogenic techniques) with process-oriented effects.

Step Five:
Written coursework includes submitting two case studies and an essay.

Step Six:
Viva examination at year-end to gain your Postgraduate Certificate in Autogenic Training.
On completetion, you are now a full member of the British Autogenic Society. 

How to apply

After completing your personal Autogenic Training course with a BAS therapist, apply to the Course Admissions Administrator on [email protected] for an application pack. When the Training Team receive your application, you will be invited to personal interview. This may be online. Acceptance on the course is by interview only.

Training Fees – £4,490

This figure is all-inclusive: classroom hours, training materials and books, 8 individual supervision hours, and assessments.

Payments can be made:

  • In instalments
  • Paid in full in advance (5% discount)
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