Jane Morris

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West Sussex

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About Me

I am a teacher and therapist. I studied Movement and Education at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London and subsequently moved to Iran where I ran my Dance School for children and adults. On return to England, living in London, I have taught junior aged children either as a class teacher or supply teacher. I worked for almost twenty years at The Roche School, Wandsworth, known for its inclusiveness for children with special educational needs.

In the 1980s I studied the Usui method of Reiki and teach Reiki 1,2 and Master. I subsequently studied to teach Autogenic Therapy, and now, am a therapist and supervisor to trainee students, based in Arundel. I am currently teaching in The Government Tutorial Scheme, for children who have been recently disadvantaged from learning by the Covid Pandemic.

My experience in Education and Dance gives me a rounded view of people’s emotional and physical needs, which equips me to work as an Autogenic Therapist, a self- help approach to the Well Being of Mind and Body. I offer AT as a straight forward and clear technique with which to strengthen and harmonise the person seeking balance and Well Being in their lives.



 B.Ed (Hons) London, LAMC, PGCert AT, Mindfulness, Resilience and Well-Being School Coach

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