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About Me

In 2001, the course of my life changed due to depression and anxiety. In 2001, the course of my life changed due to depression and anxiety. The difficult experience led me to an old and experienced autogenic therapist. Autogenic training was interesting and helped me clear my thoughts. However, immediately after the course, I stopped practicing AT altogether. 

At the end of 2002, I was finishing high school and once again began feeling down. I didn’t know how to proceed. I didn’t have depression anymore, but I felt blue for an extended period. Then I remembered that I could use the autogenic training methods that I had learned the previous year. I started practicing again and after two weeks my mood improved significantly. Since then, relaxation has become an integral part of my everyday life. I believed in autogenic training and relaxation so much that I wanted to help make it available to everyone. 

I decided to contact my therapist and learned how to be an autogenic training instructor under his guidance. Afterwards, I wanted more knowledge in the field, so I went to London to complete a longer formal course at the British Autogenic Society. In 2011, I received my official qualification (Dip AT) and began teaching autogenic training to others. Since then, I have had well over 100 clients and gained many valuable practical insights. Over the years I have also gained valuable knowledge in the wider field of mental health, both personally and academically. While I took a break from my master’s studies in the mental health field

after my first child was born to concentrate on my family, my passion to teach autogenic training and help others has remained, and I still take on clients who I feel can benefit from AT. I follow the principle of trying to do what’s best for every potential client, which is why I turn down. Many clients, namely, those who should first seek help from a doctor, psychiatrist or therapist. This is because it’s important that time, effort, and money should be spent in the way that best addresses a client’s situation. It should be emphasised that I feel everybody can benefit from practicing AT or other relaxation techniques throughout their lives, however, the most appropriate time for starting may be different for everybody. Some need AT after other forms of therapy, while some can benefit only from AT, and some may need it before or during other means of help. 

One of my responsibilities as an AT instructor is to help you find the right time for starting AT, and direct you to the right course of action if you might need other forms of help instead. One of my deepest, strongest wishes is that everybody uses relaxation techniques in their lives every day. If this were the case, the world would be a calmer, better place to live in. There would be less irritability, anger and more acceptance and peace. 

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